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    • “I’ve been using Stem Cell Activating Patches. They have been life changing for me. Take a look at the links below and if you like what you see text me your address and I will gift you a 5-day supply to get you started.“

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Text and Email Templates for Links in Step 3

  • #1: The Simple Introduction Text Or Email Script Template Hi It is : add your name: how are you? I hope you are well 🙂 I found stem cell activating patches a month ago:) They have been life changing for me. I want to gift you 5 patches if you want to try them, just send me your address 🙂 I will check in with you next week  

    your name
    your phone number
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  • # 2: The Testimonial Introduction Text Or Email Script Template

    It is: add your name: how are you? I remember u from : where you met the person: and I wanted to share something really exciting that I recently discovered.

    I found light-based frequency stem cell activation patches 9 months ago. They have been life-changing for me:

    I am recovering from breast cancer which wiped out my immune system: The first 2 days on the patch I had the taste of metal coming out of my mouth : “the chemo”: day 5 my hands and neck got so soft: “increased the collagen”: day 10: I had joy again like a young teenager, The PTSD from a second reoccurrence went away! I knew I was living! Now 9 months later my hair is longer & darker than ever before! Crazy Cool! ( Add Your
    Testimonial Here)

    I want to gift you 7 patches if you want to try them, just text me your address

    I will check in with you next week

    your name
    your phone number
    your email

  • # 3: The Follow Up Script Template: Send This Out When You Are Mailing Or Giving The Actual Patching Gift The good news is the stem cell activation patch resets 3,000-4,000 genes to a younger healthier state. 50 % of the people feel this within the first 1-7 days, but it takes the other 50 % of the people more time to feel: This is because your stem cells may be regenerating an internal organ first before it goes to something you feel:)That is why there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee For Business Partners & A 90 Day Money Back Guarantee For Customers.

First Send a Quick Video

How Light Activates X39 In Your Body

1 Minute |
How to Activate Your Own Stem Cells

35 Seconds |
Experience Age Reversal
By Activating Your Own Stem Cells With X39

3 Minutes |

Then Send Easily Visible Results

Hair-Hair-Hair – PDF
1 Page |

Health Tracker – PDF
1 Page |

Hair Testimonial With Pictures
28 Minutes |

After That Share In-Depth Science

The Science of X39
Dr Andrew Rostenberg – Beyond Stem Cells – All About Stem Cell Activation

Send if you’re Recruiting a Business Leader

Why Onyx Coale Chose X39!
Why Steve and Gina Merritt Chose X39!

Send Them Order Information

Order Form – PDF
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Order Site Template – PDF
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Testimonial Library

Science Testimonials

The x39 Review/Interview:
Doctors Call Dr. Jon Harmon, Dr. Paul Schmillen

43 Minutes |

Interview with Inventor,
Owner, and CEO, David Schmidt

45 Minutes |

Q&A with Inventor,
Owner, and CEO, David Schmidt

15 Minutes |

CEO David Schmidt
Science Interview

60 Minutes |

Dr Jon Harmon and the Science of the GHK-CU Copper Peptide
with Q&A

60 Minutes |

X39 Interview with
CEO David Schmidt

60 Minutes |

Physical Therapists
Love LifeWave Patches

40 Minutes |

Patching Podcast
with Dr. Sparks

20 Minutes |

Pain Testimonials
X39 Review:
The Foot

34 Minutes |
Bone Density Improvement

34 Minutes |
Migraines, Migraines, Migraines

30 Minutes |

I’m Walking Not Dragging

8 Minutes |

The Crushed Foot

29 Minutes |

Bone on Bone Knee Pain

30 Minutes |

Brain Testimonials

Healing From Emotional Stress

29 Minutes |

Neurological and Healthy Eyes

25 Minutes |

Beauty Testimonials

Hair Testimonial with Pictures

10 Minutes |

Male Pattern Baldness

26 Minutes |

CEO David Schmidt
Interview for Beauty Industry

60 Minutes |

Health Testimonial

Sleep, Regeneration and Repair

35 Minutes |

Multiple Sclerosis

12 Minutes |

People Over 80 on X39

35 Minutes |

Eric Nies Healing Journey

26 Minutes |

Danny Glover Testimonial

30 Minutes |

Sports Testimonials

Iron Man World Champion
Jason Fowler

36 Minutes |

9 Year NFL Veteran
Ivory Sully

25 Minutes |

Retired NFL
David Hill

29 Minutes |

Business Testimonials

#1 Female MLM Earner
Onyx Coale

49 Minutes |

Why Steve and Gina Merritt Chose X39!

22 Minutes |

SPD Peter Ngo & Marci Preble

50 Minutes |

Animal Testimonials

X39 For Dogs

35 Minutes |

Spanish Testimonial

X39 Product/Testimonials

60 Minutes |

X39 Patching Podcast

34 Minutes |

MRI Damaged Body

20 Minutes |

Spanish/English Disclaimer

1 Minutes |