Step 2 – Patch 3 A Day

The X39 System – Patch 3 A Day




  • Create Your List Of 10 People
    • People You Love, People You Respect, People You Can Help With Their Health Issues, People You Want To Build A Business With, Or People Like You Who Would Be Excited About This!
  • Ask The Question
    • Who Do You Know?
  • To Create Your List Of 10, Try Using The Applications Below:
    • Your Phone: FaceBook: Instagram: Messenger: Telegram: WhatsApp: LinkedIn
  • After Creating Your First List Of “10”: Do Another List Of “10” And So On!
  • Then Help The People You Personally Enroll Create Their List Of 10!!
  • We Are a Business Of Sharing With People We Love, Our Contacts, And People We Meet. Then We Help Them Share With People They Love, Their Contacts, and People They Meet.
  • Physically Patch People: Apply The Patch On Their Body.
  • Or Mail Out Patches.
  • Always Ask For A Cell Number When You Patch.
  • Always Qualify Your Gift By: Watch This Link, ( And Then Text Me Your Address If You Want To Try It